Bedroom is one of the most important parts of the house because you will spend most of your time there. That is why the knowledge of how to furnish this room is essential for everyone, especially who is planning to build a new house or to renovate their rooms. With that in mind, we are here today to guide you through the basic of bedroom furnishing, starting with the first step below

  • Decide the purpose of your bedroom

When we think about bedroom, we think of sleeping. However, not all of us limit ourselves to sleeping in our bedroom. We can read books, play video games or listen to music (I myself always watch TV in my bedroom instead of the living room just because I have much more privacy there). From there, you can list out what you need and what you do not need for your room which in turn will save you a lot time making selection.

After deciding on the purpose of your room, it’s time to coordinate your existing furniture with the list you have made above to narrow down your options. You can skip this step if you are going to buy everything new. However, if you want to add some new touches to your current room, then this is very necessary because you do not want some color mismatch in the room where you spend most of your relaxing time with. It will be hell.

  • Personal style comes into play

Give a careful thought about what your personal style is. This is your house after all, and you want it to reflect who you are! If you love rustic style, use it as a guideline to make your purchase. If you like to feel like you are in the ocean, use it as a theme and apply it on all your future purchase.

  • Stay within budget

Nothing is free in this world and the same rule applies to furniture. You do not want to overspend yourself which can leave you in red when other important things come up. However, you would not want to spend to little either because the best stuff does not come with small price.

  • Measure

Whether you have a big or small bedroom, you need to measure the length and the width of the room to see whether it can fit all the furniture you are going to buy. It is not a good thing to have to return what you have bought just because it does not fit into your room or it takes way too much space that it looks ridiculous.

  • Here comes the Internet!

Before going to store to make your purchase, it is advisable to browse through the catalogs that stores have online to get a sense of what will fit your personal preference of your room. In addition, you can note down the price of each piece as well to make a spending plan.

  • See what you are going to buy

After looking at what is available online, now it is the time for you to come to the retailers and look at what you like in person (sometimes what is presented in the picture online is not necessarily what you will get). In addition, if you are still deciding on whether you should buy a certain piece or not, this step will help you. You should ask again about the price, delivery and installation as well. Just in case you will have to set up the furniture alone, you will not be surprised.



Choosing your own living room furniture is a combination between dreaming big and being practical with the resource you have at hand (which does not only mean staying in your budget). Please go through some of our tips below to learn how to choose your living room furniture.

  • Getting a general idea of what the room will be using for

Before going all those big furniture shops to make your purchase, you must first analyze what your living room will be using for; in other word; what is the purpose of your living room? Is it to meet and entertaining guest? Then you should use some types of delicate and modern furniture. Is it for family gathering? Then you should focus on things that give off the cozy feeling that every family member will adore and love, while making them stain resistant and sturdy.

  • Having style coordination

Every room has a major architectural feature and you can use it as the guideline for the options of style for your living room. You can opt for the modern look for your room if your room has the view toward the big, lively and busy street outside. On the other hand, if you go with rustic walls and rustic ceiling, it is advisable to use wooden furniture.

  • Comfort is a must

Make selection of your sofa or chair with comfort in your mind (you will have to use them for quite a while after all). Don’t be too tight with your budget and feel free to choose high quality material for your furniture if your budget allows. You will feel rich and luxurious every time you sit on your chair and relax after a long, hard-working day.

  • Seating selection

Your seating selection, in general, should fit your personal preference and your room’s purposes. The thing you should keep in mind when it comes to making purchase of the fabric of your sofa and chair is how often you will use them. If you are going to sit on them frequently, opt for a durable and stain resistant type. Another suggestion is using a protective coating, in case you use some type of vulnerable material for your sofa and chair (for example leather) to prevent your seating from being dirtied by kids or guest.

  • Having coordination between your pieces

After having purchased your sofa or chair, it’s time to choose a table that co-ordinate and compliment your choice of seating. Don’t be too tight with your budget, and have the same approach with your table, chests: High-quality materials if allowed; having high sustainability, enough to hold itself against your guests’ glasses during a party or meeting.

  • The last, but definitely not least, finishing touches

The hard work is finally done, and now it’s time to add some more personality and a little bit “oomph” to your living room with accessories. Although there are a wide variety of selection out there, it doesn’t mean can buy everything you like and decorate them all over the room. Too little is bad, but too many is even worse. Choosing some beautiful and meaningful accessories, not spread them around uncontrollably, and buys something to contain and protect them. It may be shelves to hold your newly purchased tea cup collection or some kinds of chest to cherish all the shells you have collected in your recent vacation to the beach. These features will complement your furniture, and make some focus point of your room.

With the tips provided above, I hope you will have your first step in decorating your living room.



Feeling your space has way too much stuff that you can barely walk around and breath? You have no room left but you still want to put more and more things in there? Then you have come to the right place because today, we will tell you about all the little tricks that you can apply to use your space efficiently.

  1. Is your space not sufficient or not effective?
  • People tend to mistake these two terms: insufficient and ineffective. However, these two words are two very different concepts. It’s like two different sides of a spectrum. Having a insufficient space means you do not have enough room for your things (which basically cannot be changed unless you rent or buy another apartment of house). On the other hand, when you think that your room is ineffective, that means you have enough room at hand, but you do not know, or unaware of how to use to its best potential. Decide which term your space fits in, and build up your plan from there.
  • A surprising fact is that most closets, wardrobes or cabinets have enough room to hold twice as much as they were originally constructed for. And there may be some corners somewhere that can be used as storage but you have not been aware of them somehow.
  • In addition, try to clear out all the things that you do not like or do not need in order to make room for other things.
  1. Having rearrangement
  • Each of us has our own preference, a different purpose in using a certain space. That is why it is advisable to turn your home or office space into a place that work for you and work with you. Your kitchen is unnecessarily large while your work room is way too small that you can barely breathe through the papers and files scattered everywhere? Then it’s time for rearrangement! Move parts of your work room to your kitchen. Utilize what you have at hand. And who do not love working while shoving their mouths with potato chips? Think out of the ordinary, as long as the arrangement suits your need.
  1. Having rod(s) installed
  • Wardrobe and closet nowadays are normally built and constructed with a rod used for hanging clothes. And if one is not enough for you, then just have someone install one more. You can use one of the rods as the place to hang your t-shirt, coat, etc… and the other for your pants and dress. Simple and easy to execute! Don’t limit yourself to just one clothing rod. If you have space on the wall of your wardrobe or closet, install as many rods as possible.

  1. Shelves installing
  • Another trick you can use is to install shelves. Shelves come in different sizes and materials which can be used for just storing anything you need. You may use a plastic shelf in your kitchen to store small equipments, a wooden shelf as a place to put books or anything that has quite a weight on… The options are unlimited. Therefore, if you have the budget, try installing some shelves to add more storage space
  1. Place frequently used item within your reach
  • This tip is just about how you usually use your items. For example, if you are a movie lover and you have a ton of DVDs, put them near your TV (or anything you usually use as your way to watch drama and movie). By doing this it is not only convenient for you, but also you can manage your space more easily and efficiently.
  1. Opt to storage units
  • Storage units can be easily found in supermarket or house ware stores all over the world and they are great life-savers in cases like this (you know, having no room to put your things in). From spices rack to store your spice or canned goods rack for easy management, you do not need to look far and wide to find what you need.
  • In addition, you can think outside of the box and be a little bit imaginative. For example, have you ever thought of using an ice cube tray as a place to store small items such as earrings, rings or necklace? Just a little bit of thinking and you will save yourself a lot of storage space.
  1. Utilize your wall
  • Many people tend to forget that walls can be used as a kind of storage space as well. Find an empty wall space? Then use it! You may hang your pan on the wall in the kitchen, or install a small shelf to put your picture frames, pots or albums on it for decoration while saving some space for other things. With the advance of house ware technology nowadays, installing a shelf is not that hard as you think so give that idea a try.
  1. Clear desk is a must
  • Surprisingly, how neat and tidied your desk is has a relationship with your productivity. Burying your head in piles of books and papers will make you feel unmotivated and hinder the ability to do the best as you could possibly do. Therefore, try to categorize your files and papers and put them into filing cabinets or filing boxes. Put all your discs in one or two boxes, pens and pencils in a cup… and you will be amazed how much your room have changed with just so little effort.
  1. Make the switch
  • Last but definitely not least is to know how to make the magical rotation. All of us have something we like that we want to show off to our co-workers or relatives, right? Then put some of those things on display and after two or three weeks, make the switch: items on display are put away, while items in storage can get their limelight. This will not only personalize your space, it will also help you use your storage space to its maximum potential. Now THAT is a great idea!



Tired of your monochrome, colorless and boring living room? Want to make it more playful, vibrant without having to lift a brush? Then we have the thing for your right here: Tips to make your living room more colorful without paint right here!

  • Artsy Decoration

Everyone loves painting (who don’t?). A big bold painting might be just the thing you need to spice up your living room. From a drawing of a sunflower to someone screaming his heart out, it’s really easy to choose a painting fit your liking. After finish choosing the drawing, remember to pair it up with some same-theme decoration as well. Easy breezy!

  • Personalize your space

You have a lot of family pictures or pictures of your goofy moments with your friends saved up somewhere in your house? Then it’s time to use them. Some pictures here, some picture there and abracadabra! Your room has become livelier and it show who you are as a person as well. In addition, your pics now have their own use instead of eating dust under your bed and in a corner somewhere. However, remember not to overuse this tip or it will make your room overwhelming and bizarre.

  • Plant

Another easy and cheap way to color your room is to use plant. Roses, sunflowers, bellflowers or peonies, etc… Not only flowers bring life to your room, it also make the room relaxing and comforting (thank to their aroma). Easy to choose from a wide variety of colors and species, you can simply change the theme of your room any time you like without being afraid of repetition. Personally, I would not recommend this idea though and the reason is that despite its variety, the aftermath is just a pain in the butt. I broke my back carrying huge pots of plant around every time my mother decides to change their placements or throwing some pots away. If you’re lazy like me, don’t do this.

  • Dress up your floor

The floor tends to be forgotten when it comes to remodel a room. Although it’s not visible compared to other parts of a room, it’s important in its own way. Throw some rugs or carpets in, play with their patterns and colors and you will realize how wrong you are when you don’t pay attention to your floor. However, don’t eat chips when sitting on your rugs or you will have some quality time trying to clean up your own mess.




Tired of the mess in your closet and don’t know where to start? We are here to guide you step by step to get the closet of your dream without having to break too much sweat.

Going through your clothes

  • The first step in the journey of getting your dream wardrobe is to sort through your clothes or whatever you put in there. Take everything out; shirts, pants, shoes…; and put them neatly on the floor or on your bed.
  • After that, decide which one of them you want to keep. Doing this has never been easy and it never will, I totally understand (you don’t know how I feel when I have to part way with my favorite T-shirt because it has become way too small). Donating clothes that you haven’t worn in months and keep the rest is the most basic thing you can do to keep your closet in check.
  • Now, there are going to be clothes that you can’t wear for the moment because they are not seasonally appropriate. That’s when you have to decide what clothes you need to store. If it’s in a hot summer right now, store your sweaters and scarves in plastic bags. If winter is ending, summer dresses need to be kept in check in those bags. Clothes having sentimental value can be stored as well, but keep them at minimum because clothes are born to wear, not to be kept.
  • Finally, clean your closet. Make all the dust go away, sweep all the cobweb. You may want to change the color of your closet as well. You would love a fresh start, would you?

Organize your clothes in your wardrobe

  • Try to hang all your clothes or as much as possible because it will make finding your clothes much more easier, as specially when you don’t have a big, fancy and spacious closet like those rich people we always see in movies and dramas. You can organize your hanged clothes in any order you like: seasonal, how often you wear them,… As long as you can find them when you need them
  • After finish hanging, fold the rest and put them in other parts of your closet
  • For your shoes, try to arrange them as efficient as possible because they take the most space in your wardrobe


We all love to re-decorate our house once in awhile, but not all of us have an unlimited budget to spend of it. That’s why I’m here today to give you some useful tips that I derived from my experience with my not-so-generous wallet.

  1. Choosing a new color for your house

Having to repaint the whole house is first, a paint in the butt; second- wait a lot (and I mean a lot) of money. But nothing can change your space as dramatically as a new paint color. Try to balance your budget with the quality of the paint, but you would not want to be too tight with it either.

  1. Human Resource is another viable choice
  • Hiring constructional workers to do things for you is an option. However, there is some easy work that you can do on your own such as painting. I myself tend to do my own painting if I have the time. It may be tiring but when you see the result, it will be very satisfying
  • Another resource you can take advantage is your friends and relatives. Moving chairs, rearrange your furniture…if you want to save a lot of money, pick up that phone and call your family and friends right now
  1. One of the 3R

Re-decorate your house doesn’t mean you have to buy new furniture. Try different arrangement with what you already have, and you will be surprised how much your space change.

  1. Garage sale

The best way to get rid of what you don’t need while making some profit. Period!


Picking paint color is all about your personal style, but it doesn’t mean you can choose whatever you want and put it into one room. That’s the recipe for disaster and we’re here to help you prevent the apocalypse of your house from happening.

  1. Know the terms

It might help when you know what all the lines on the paint buckets are all about. When go to the supermarket to buy your paint, you don’t want to crack your brain picking your color while having to search Google because you don’t know what the terms the company printed on their products are. Research and you will save a lot of time which can be used to figure out what type of paint suit your house the most.

  1. Begin small

If you’re not sure what color you should begin with, you can try to experiment in smaller parts of the house. In addition, try to do your painting at a place that you can quickly see the result and easy to change the paint.

  1. Base on your mood

When picking the color of your room, try to keep in mind what mood you want that room to represent. For example, if you want your room to be relaxing and comforting, pick soft colors because they create a quieter atmosphere. On the other hand, if you need some drama for your space, bright red or orange are your friend because strong colors like those two can create dynamic impact.

  1. Be attentive to lightning

There is a reason why they give you light boxes to test paint chips. That is due to the fact that a certain color can look completely different when it is put in different lightning. For example, in a dimly lit room, the color red may not look as vibrant as you want it to be whereas in a room with intense light, the same color may look overwhelming.

Therefore, keep in mind these few tips:

  • True color shows in natural light
  • Lucent light enhance bright colors
  • Fluorescent bring a blue tone to your lightning

  1. Experiment your color choice

Try your paint on a large wall or different parts of the room to raise your confidence. Go out of your comfort zone and think out of the box: Add some drama to your room by using a vibrant color. Or go funky and crazy with your ceiling. You just need a different ceiling for the room to be totally different.

  1. See it with another room

Keep in mind that you are not going to stay in a series of room, one next to another and the wall is one of their connections. It is like a composition: You sit in one room, but you still get a peek at the other, so the color of one has to get into the whole vibe of the house. Try to see if the hue of this room will go fluently with those of the rest and you will get a satisfying result.

  1. Spice up your room with monochromatic schemes

Afraid that using one color for the whole room is too boring? Then you can try different and subtle variants of a single tone to make it livelier. For example, using one color for the wall, then use it closely related color for your furniture, and them some lines with another subtle variant for decorative finish touches. Consider the main color theme you want for your room and just go crazy from there.

  1. Pick up different paint finishes

With different finishes a single color used on walls and trim can overtake a new significance. For example, the same hue (or color in case you haven’t learned your terms yet like I told you to) can be applied on the wall and trim colors, but use a less reflective finish on walls and a semi-gloss on trim. On different surface the color can appear differently (that’s where my tip about experimenting came in) so it’s one of the best way to create a fluent and cohesive look in your personal space with many windows and doors.


With the tips provided above, we hope you have some general ideas of where to start with your brush work. The job is tiring but always remember to have fun!


Fireplace is one of the best features you can have in your house. Not only it will get you through the harsh winter by warming up your space, it also gives your room a cozy atmosphere which is extremely important for your bedroom or living room. In spite of its visible advantages, many people are still hesitating when it comes to install one because the annually cleaning process is a pain in the butt. That’s why we are here to help you to find a way to clean that lovely yet monstrous part of your room with ease (or at least not having to break too much sweat).

  1. Protection
  • First order of business is to protect yourself from whatever is hiding in there. Put on gloves, your old clothes because the fight with the mess in your fireplace will be a toxic one. The reason is that wearing your favorite clothes, or any clothes that you intend to put on again to go into a dusty and full of ashes fireplace; is definitely not an idea that you want to execute.
  • In addition, remember to protect your furniture, carpet and floor as well. Cover them with old newspaper to protect them from ashes and whatever you can find in your fireplace.
  1. Check the residual warmth
  • Remember to check for residual warmth before cleaning. You can just simply hold your hand over the ash to check the temperature. However, if it was a big fire, you should go through the ash by using fireplace shovel or poker ( safety comes first and foremost after all).
  • After that, put the fireplace grate or andirons side for later cleaning. Use a shovel or vacuum to clean the ash away.
  1. Start your adventure with the chimney
  • Flash light? Checked. It’s time to get down on your knees and look all the way up to the flue. You would love the flue to open during your cleaning. Dispose the black residue in your chimney which can be done easily. Use your flash light to check if there is creosote in there as well because if you ever want to clean those things, this is the perfect time.
  1. It is the time for scraping
  • To get rid of creosote and soot, it is advisable to use a circular chimney brush (yep, the thing you saw in those black and white movies back in the 80s and 90s). Their height is variable so choose the one that fit your chimney the most. Furthermore, a flexible pole will make cleaning much easier. These stuffs mentioned above can be easily found in supermarket everywhere all over the world.
  1. Clean again and take out the trash
  • Clean the fireplace again with sponge, rag or preferably with wet cloth
  • While you are waiting for the fireplace to dry, now it is the time for you to clean the fireplace grate. You should use metal brush for easier cleaning. You can use metal polish as well if you want your grate look shiny.
  • Remember to take out the trash after you finish cleaning
  1. Finished


With the tips above, I hope you can get a general idea of where to start with cleaning the fireplace. Enjoy the result of your hard work; gather your loved one to have fun around the fire. See you next time!