The digital SLR cameras and image-processing software

Tips and Pointers


For those wishing to try this technique, it is very helpful to use some sort of inter-valometer or timing circuit to automate the exposure times and intervals so you can leave the camera and not have to attend to each exposure.

It’s also important to keep pauses between exposures to a minimum (pauses will mean gaps in your star trails). With the Nikon D1x fitted with a 14-millimeter f/2.8 Nikkor lens, we were able to start the next exposure within about 1 to 2 seconds of the previous image–any longer than this and we would see a noticeable gap between exposures, even with such a short-focus lens (see page 130). Most of our experiments were done centered on the equatorial region of the sky; the exposure gaps, however, were minimized when we shot circumpolar star fields.

Digital cameras differ in their ability to take long exposures, but detector noise is an issue with all digital cameras once exposures go beyond a second or two. To overcome this, some cameras have an automatic “noise-reduction” option, which might help, but could be unreliable depending upon the exposure time. For star-trail exposures I suggest disabling any of the camera’s built-in noise-reduction features and taking a dark frame. It’s a good idea to take a dark frame at the start and end of each session since the noise characteristics of a CCD or CMOS chip can change with temperature.

"Celestial Mooring"

Use flash-memory or microdrive cards with the largest capacity that you can afford. Some cameras will allow you to switch cards while an exposure is being taken (but not while it is saving an image, of course) so you can keep a sequence going without missing a frame to change cards.

Experiment with different exposure times, white-balance and ISO settings, lens f/stops, and so forth. Each camera’s silicon detector is different, so plan on doing some preliminary tests first to find the best combination.

When you’re taking images, it’s always best to capture them in a noncompressed format such as TIFF. Make sure that the dark frames used have the same image format.

If you have a portable power supply, use it. Digital cameras require a lot of power when you’re using the bulb (time-exposure) setting, and, as the ambient temperature drops, the camera battery’s performance will also suffer.

Autofocus digital SLRs might have trouble focusing at infinity, so set the focus manually. If you use a manual-focus camera, notice where its infinity setting is located, as it’s often just inside the lens’s focus stop. Do some tests first to find the best focus.

With our setup, we obtained optimal results with 45- to 60-second exposures, but we also obtained good results with exposures up to 2 minutes long. Our 60-second shots recorded stars down to about 7th magnitude.

Image Processing

M45 (#4)

Once you have obtained all your exposures, transfer them to a computer with image-processing software. I use Photoshop 7.0 on a Macintosh G4 running under OS X, but I suspect other programs would work. The following instructions will be for Photoshop users:

  1. Open the first image of your sequence and save it under a new name that you want to use for the final star-trail image.
  2. Open the next image in your sequence. Use the Select > All command and copy this image (Edit > Copy).
  3. Paste the copied image onto the first image–this is the beginning of the “stacking” process. You can now close the image that was copied to avoid confusion since you’re now done with that image.
  4. Open the Layers palette (Window > Show Layers) and select the new layer created in the previous step.
  5. Click on the Blend Mode menu in the Layers palette and select the Lighten mode. You should now see both images merged together as one.
  6. Repeat steps 2 to 5 until you’re done with all images. You will probably want to flatten (under the Layer menu bar) your star-trail images periodically to save on disk space and memory in your computer. When you flatten an image all of your existing layers are merged into one and the file size becomes much smaller.
  7. Once you’ve stacked and flattened all your images into a single one, you need to subtract the dark frame. To do this simply open the dark-frame image, click on Select > All, then copy the dark frame and paste it onto the star-trail image. At this point the image will go dark, so make sure that the new dark-frame layer is selected. Go to the Blend Mode menu again in the Layers palette and select the Difference mode. Now most of the noise on your image should be minimized, and you can flatten the image again and make final adjustments to it. Save the final image and you’re done!

Steps 2 to 6 can be tedious if you have a lot of images to stack. Photoshop has a very nice automation feature that can make processes like these much easier and quicker, so check your manual for detailed instructions on how to use it.

Exposure Gaps

High Sierra Via Lactea

Depending on your camera’s resolution, lens, and sky location, if you look closely you might notice small gaps between your stacked images. The reason for this is that at the end of each exposure, the pixels that are being exposed are not (on average) getting the full duration of exposure. Then, when the next exposure begins, these same pixels are still not getting the full exposure. Since the Lighten blending mode is not additive, when you stack the images the brightest single pixel is selected in the stack and, on average, at each gap it’s only 50 percent as bright as the adjacent area.

Shooting at less than full resolution (by binning, or combining, the pixels) will often cause the gaps to close up. Also, if you shoot the polar regions (or use a very short lens), the problem is not as evident since the overlap is so great.

If you find the gaps unacceptable, there are several Photoshop techniques that you can use to correct them. The technique I’ve found to be most effective is to simply duplicate the completed star-trail image, copy and paste it onto the original with Lighten mode, and shift and/or rotate it slightly to fill in the gaps. However, for viewing on a computer screen and for making small to medium prints, these tiny gaps should not be objectionable or, in most cases, even noticeable.

I’d be interested to hear from readers who might come up with a more clever (and more elegant) solution on how to minimize exposure gaps.

The temple (Wat Khao Dee Salak)

I also discovered in my tests that if you take the images (and the dark frame) without using the camera’s “sharpening” feature, the dark frame subtracts out much cleaner. If you use sharpening you will notice an annoying black ring around bright pixels that goes away when you turn off sharpening. However, if you don’t use internal sharpening in the camera, you might find it necessary to do it with Photoshop (under Filter) once the final image is stacked and flattened.

Our experiments were all done with a fairly high-end Nikon digital SLR camera, but I suspect that most other professional digital SLRs could be made to work as well. Overall, I’ve been impressed with the power of digital photography, achieving results that I had previously thought were possible only with film. While our technique does require fairly good equipment and significantly more effort in the processing stage, the results are nothing short of spectacular, and I look forward to seeing what others can accomplish using this technique.

Capturing star trails with a digital camera

Today’s digital SLR cameras and image-processing software are breathing new life into an old film-based technique.

My first attempt on Astrophotography on a Viking burial ground.

LIKE MANY AMATEUR ASTROPHOTOGRAPHERS who grew up using photographic film, I’ve been a bit reluctant to embrace the virtues of CCD imaging as a complete replacement for film. Sure, thermoelectrically cooled CCD cameras on telescopes play an important role at all levels of astronomy, but I’ve stubbornly (perhaps even a bit irrationally) held to the belief that some images can be obtained only by using good old-fashioned photographic emulsions.

One realm where I thought film would always reign supreme is in capturing star trails (S&T: November 2003, page 132). One might ask why anyone would even consider taking something as simple and straightforward as star trails and adding the cost and complexity of digital photography to the mix. As I have recently discovered, however, it’s definitely worth the effort. The results presented in this article demonstrate the advantages of recording star trails digitally and show how this new realm of possibilities can breathe new life and creativity into your tired old star-trail photos.

Fading Luminance

Although I have to admit that working for Gemini Observatory with telescopes on Mauna Kea in Hawaii and Cerro Pachon in Chile gives me regular access to nearly perfect skies as backdrops, the technique described here can be adapted to urban sites as well. In fact, the improvements are even more dramatic in situations where light pollution or bright moonlight would prohibit shooting long-exposure star trails with film.

A Serendipitous Discovery

It all began one chilly night in early 2003 at the Gemini North Telescope, where two other astrophotographers and I were enjoying an evening of digital imaging. Our main purpose was to set up our Nikon D1x digital SLR (single-lens reflex) camera and to experiment with the possibility of creating a time-lapse movie of stars passing over Gemini’s dome from a sequence of 1-minute stills. Armed with an electronic timer, a portable power supply, cold-weather gear, and lots of hot chocolate, we began shooting images.

As often seems to happen when one experiments with new ideas and equipment, serendipity provided us with an opportunity to learn something new. In this case, the microdrive card that we were using could hold only 1 gigabyte of data. (A microdrive card is a miniature hard-disk drive that fits into the camera’s memory-card slot.) Every hour or so we bundled up and left the comfort of the observatory’s warm control room to stumble around in the darkness to replace the card. With time on our hands between downloading the cards’ contents, we experimented with the images we had obtained.

Nocturnal Illumination ...Explored...

First we opened the individual images with Adobe Photoshop software and created an automated routine to subtract (remove) the electronic noise generated by the camera’s CCD detector using a dark frame. (A dark frame is an image of the same exposure duration and camera settings as the desired image, only with the camera lens covered.) This is done with Photoshop’s Difference blending mode, with the dark frame in one layer and the desired image in another. Each of these processed images was then flattened (combined) and saved and archived as a separate file on a CD.

After verifying that our image sequence would make a nice time-lapse movie, we began experimenting with a “stack” of images in Photoshop to see what other interesting things we could do. Inspiration struck one of our team members, Kevin Jones, when he began playing with the different blending-mode options used to combine the image layers. It turns out that the Lighten mode takes the selected image layer (the foreground) and compares its pixel values (in each color channel) with the underlying layer. If the foreground’s pixel values are the same as (or less than) the underlying layer, it leaves the resulting pixels unchanged. However, if the foreground’s values are higher (brighter), the Lighten mode uses the higher value of the two pixels in the composite. On the surface, this might not sound very profound, but the effect is that the sky brightness never increases beyond that present in the brightest single image. Meanwhile, the star images themselves continue to build up as the stars drift across the camera’s field.

A Thousand Suns Wouldn't Shine as Bright

The more images you add to the stack, the longer the resulting star trails. Since the sky brightness stays at a constant low level, the visual depth and contrast of a digital star-trail shot is more dramatic compared to a traditional long-exposure film photograph. (In the latter, the sky brightness accumulates during the entire exposure, reducing contrast between the stars and the background sky; see page 131.)

Another advantage of the digital technique is that any foreground object that is illuminated will not become overexposed, as it would in a long-duration film exposure. This is especially important when you are attempting star trails with well lit foregrounds or under bright moonlight. Light pollution is also suppressed, allowing for dramatic star trails in relatively well lit areas that would otherwise quickly saturate film.

Tips For Recording At Home


Whether a music producer or a recording artist, probably want to set up a room in your house to act as a studio, not necessarily because you don’t have the funds to rent a room, but maybe because of the comfort of family. The choice of room depends on the size and structure of the apartment, but majorly on you.

So let’s assume you have the free space to set up a studio, or you can find space in your house to set up a studio and you have most of the equipment needed, the question “how to achieve the best recordings at home” pops into your mind. Here are a number of tips to help you out.

Recording is all about input and output

Interface audio M-Audio FireWire Solo

Recording involves input and output, manipulating the input to get the best output so first you’ll want to ensure you have the best recording input. For this you have to ensure that you avoid hard surfaces which cause sound to reflect. This is something you don’t want because it will cause a noticeable echo in your recordings. Patch the room with reflection shields which will help minimize sounds being picked up from the back and sides of the mic.

As much as having the best input is important, having the best ears is of most significance. You will need to hear all the details in all accuracy, to listen to what exactly is going on in the studio. So the answer to the question “how to achieve the best recordings at home” is quite simple, have the best studio monitors that capture accurate details of the sound.

Best studio monitors, best recording

Monitor this

Studio monitors are just like speakers, but are designed specifically for recording and audio editing. They produce a real sound without any distortions or enhancements enabling music recorders to listen to raw quality of sound and make adjustments.

As a recorder you want monitors that will tell the truth rather than give you encouragement. Quoting Elvis Presely, “Truth is like the sun. You can shut it out for a time, but it ain’t goin’ away”. Be on the hunt for the best studio monitors, they will guarantee success.

So now the question becomes, “How do I choose the best studio monitors for my home recording studio. (Click here to get more information) For your home recording studio, you should consider:

  • Monitor size. Small sized or medium sized monitors should work fine. Just place them in a position between them to form an equilateral triangle, equidistant from each monitor.
  • Your budget. Monitors come in different prices, check your budget and buy the best according to how you can afford.
  • This is the most important quality to look out for. The best monitor is that which can produce the most accurate and precise sound possible.

Everyone desires the best out of everything, the challenge becomes how to achieve the best. You want the best recording, get the best studio monitors you can afford.

Having a cyber cafe of your own gives you chance to express your passions

Having a cyber cafe of your own gives you chance to express your passions, feelings as well as personal tastes in terms of design. Each space can represent a dissimilar aspect of your character. This is particularly true for a gaming space which is, in essence, your sanctuary from the everyday stresses of outside world. While a lot of gaming spaces start out as casual regions of in cyber cafe recreation they can grow into something more.

Designing a gaming space can start out merely with some key items being focused on. Nearly all gaming spaces begin with television, couch or chair, as well as a pool table, gaming consoles, or other source of recreational diversion. While designing it is vital, as well as simple, to build upon these basics to get fun, as well as you will be proud to show to any guest. Furniture is first thing which can be upgraded or changed in order to begin designing your gaming space. A good couch is another nice addition to gaming space which makes it likely for company to enjoy your gaming space on time or can offer a comfortable resting region for many peoples.

From there extra specialized pieces of entertaining furniture can be added. A fine entertainment, ordered from on web retailer at a reasonable price, which can give your gaming space a more permanent feel. You are able to begin properly storing your gaming, movies, or music in entertainment center which already home television, stereo system, as well as gaming consoles. Also a mini refrigerator stocked with cold drinks will offer your gaming space a sanctuary feel because you will not even need to leave it if you get thirsty as well as need refreshment.

Gaming accessories can be added to give space last touch. Pool tables are accepted addition to any gaming spaces’ in addition to can be purchased from many gaming as well as recreational sporting stores at reasonable prices. In case you are on budget do not let this keep you from purchase gaming for space. Invest in good table in addition to purchasing chess sets, poker kits, checkers gaming as well as anything else which you or your friends enjoy. When designing gaming space for cyber cafe it is vital that you remember which this is going to be your retreat. Gaming space design is not essentially about fashion as well as often more about showcasing your favorite hobbies as well as pastimes.

If your gaming spaces are extra comfortable then peoples will stay longer time in your cyber cafe. Gaming space design should give comfortable seating always. Good ventilation in addition to climate controls is other vital aspects of gaming space design. Another fine idea in your Gaming Space is to offer drink service in addition to convenient amenities as patrons do not feel at risk of losing machines or breaking winning streak. The gaming space design must include gaming attendant so patrons know where to find out someone for assist, in case needed in addition to have attendants who can offer an optimum client service also.

Pushing furniture to edge will in no way make space. When you utilize entire region in addition to fit in small furnishings all around area they will define region more exactly. Make utilize of baskets, boxes, in addition to mirrors to give more spacious feel. Leave the window open for some minutes in addition to it will heat up interiors. Your air conditioner is made to work overtime, leaving more irritated in addition to annoy. Beat which heat in addition to save energy bills by installing window awning. They come in dissimilar sizes in addition to colour and are makeup of weatherproof fabrics. They will help stop harsh sunlight from entering in addition to you will surely be more at peace. If you have villa you can add small balcony to relax.

When you are designing your space, you are totally going to be put best things in there. In case you have pool table, then you may not have much space for anything else. Also this may be good region to put board gaming in addition to video gaming; though it is up to you. All space has varied purpose; therefore you have to design it to fulfill your needs. Gaming spaces are meant to be enjoyable gathering region in cyber cafe. This is the best space to have enjoy with design in addition to add a little of everyone’s designing tastes. The most fundamental thing in designing is that this space is to not to go foolish with designing. Keep good designer to a minimum in addition to focus on your theme.

You are able to select lights which are modern in style in addition to can merely enhance any gaming space’s sports theme. Beside this providing light, they will draw attention to space. An Art glass in addition to stained glass lamp is common kind of modern lighting lamps in addition to light fixtures. They are modern yet classy and stylish in addition to are widely available for a variety peoples. Another type of lighting product is wall or table is neon light. Their sole illuminating light technique with neon tubing adds particular style in addition to come in a number of sport team‘ color.


The product X Rocker 51259 Gaming Chair

In case you are not confident why you use over $150 in buying gaming chair, then you must assess the benefits chairs. There are a number of the points that you are able to think in this case.

Avoidance of aches as well as pains with ergonomic design

Different children as well as adults get various ache and pain in case proper concern is not taken while they remain sitting for many hours in a position. It is relevant to serious gamers since they sit in a place hours to end the game while they are playing video game. So, they need to sit down happily on chairs which will fit in their body. For this reason you should use gaming chairs while playing video game. To prevent of aches as well as pains you have to use X Rocker 51259 Gaming Chair simply.

Speakers as well as connection to audio source

If you want a normal chair to sit down while you run video game, then you need to employ earphones. If they do not have wireless connectivity, then you require to have wires across living room. Though, in case you employ gaming chair then you never needs to have cumbersome wired connection since most of have built in wireless speaker. To build it simple for you they’ve volume controller also. If you want to use set of headphone ports to join them also are supplied.

Simple Storage during not in use

All most every gaming chair could be folded in a small bundle which to be stowed away while you don’t use for gaming. As the bundle is small, so you never need big space either. So, different having large, ordinary chairs to clutter living rooms, always it is good to utilize one of many gaming chairs.

Simple to clean as well as easy to handle

Most of chairs are designed for gamers are simple to clean in addition to simple to handle and in case you utilize normal chair. This is particularly so with beanbag chair. Even other chairs that have synthetic leather cushion which is easy to clean-up. Almost all chairs of this kind are simple to handle, because they’re light in weight.

So as to enjoy these advantages, it is essential for you to select the right chairs. The cause is that there’re a lot of diverse types of chairs obtainable in the marketplace as well as they offer diverse options. Also they have diverse price tags.

Your gaming chairs should provide you with a lot of benefits. While you are conscious of them, then it is simple to select the right chairs.

Video Gaming Chairs: An Essential Element in Video Gaming

Whatsoever is your reason of sit, you require sitting comfortably in case you are planning to sit for long occasion. For this reason most serious gamer use gaming chair. Although there are lots of diverse types of chair designed as well as marketed by numerous business, they all serve same purpose as well as they all proffer the similar elements of durability, comfort as well as good looks.

While it comes to comfort then these chairs are developed to fit gamer body shape so as to provide right type of posture while one sits on them. This cushion is developed of top quality materials for example memory foam as well as covers are made of mesh to create breathable. They are presented either without or with pedestals. Mainly they’re rocking chairs that proffer comfort to gamers.

While gamer sit down on this chair, then he doesn’t need to utilize wired earphones since these chair has either wireless speaker or ports to attach earphones. The chair can connect to audio source wirelessly as well as they’ve volume controllers as well as bass controllers most often. Also a number of the chairs offer storage pockets.

Also durability is an ordinary feature with most of gaming chair. One of cause is material with which they’re being completed. Another is shape as well as their design. While a gamer sit down on this chair, then he never wants to move about chair to build himself comfort. So, the chairs will last long period. The other cause for durability is that while one of chair is not in utilize, there is option of stow it away till it becomes essential to utilize it again.


How to choose the right comforter?

Would you like to have a sound and good sleep every night, if the answer is Yes then you have to think of the right comforter for your sleep. It can also affect to your budget, as you can think of without a good comforter you may feel cold then you turn on the heat or the heating mode of the air conditioner. Then the colder you feel, the higher degree you have to control your air conditioner. Of course, your electricity bill will come up together with that. So if you have a good comforter which can help you to keep warm all night long so you can both keep your health good and save your money for the electricity or the oil for heater.

What is the right comforter?

In the market, there are many types of comforter for you to choose. People will so often talk about the down comforters and down-alternative comforters. How can we know which one can be the best? Which criteria we have to base on in order to decide the best one? The following criteria will help you to understand more and help you to choose the right one.

– You have to evaluate the performance of the down comforter, meaning the warmth of the down comforter. All the manufacturers will try to produce the down comforter which can keep very well but without weight.

– You have to take care of the durability, meaning the process of making the down comforter and the component of the down leather. For example, in order to protect the health of the users the manufacturers have to follow a set of strict and standard regulations on processing the animal leathers. The leathers must be well processed to remove the viruses, bad smells and any substances if any. Another thing is that when you choose the right one you have to know is the leather component inside is made of exactly what the manufacturer informs. If the down comforter is made of 100% of down leather so it means there will be no feather leathers inside. For some bad producers, they can combine or mix low quality leathers inside the good appearance down comforter. You should take this caution into great consideration.

For the durability, you can find it out after you wash it also. Of course if your down comforter can be changed during this time. But if not you have to accept that you had bad decision. After several times of washing, some down comforter will become harder, the leathers inside will be stuck and you can not feel comfortable to use it any more. That’s why you have to check the component very well because a 100% of down leather comforter will not be distorted like this after a number of washing.

– The last criterion you have to focus on is the appearance of the down comforter. It must look soft, smooth and light when you touch and bring. It must be brand new one and you can not see any leathers outside the surface of the down comforter.

– You can know if the down comforter is good or not by touching it. One of the feature of the down leather is that it can keep you warm in the winter but will keep you cool in the summer. So when you touch the good down comforter you can feel it is not overheating.

– You can visit to some famous household forums and website. In the topic Down Comforter Center, you can find information and reviews on down comforter sets. From these experiences, you can have more useful information for your decision.


Bedroom is one of the most important parts of the house because you will spend most of your time there. That is why the knowledge of how to furnish this room is essential for everyone, especially who is planning to build a new house or to renovate their rooms. With that in mind, we are here today to guide you through the basic of bedroom furnishing, starting with the first step below

  • Decide the purpose of your bedroom

When we think about bedroom, we think of sleeping. However, not all of us limit ourselves to sleeping in our bedroom. We can read books, play video games or listen to music (I myself always watch TV in my bedroom instead of the living room just because I have much more privacy there). From there, you can list out what you need and what you do not need for your room which in turn will save you a lot time making selection.

After deciding on the purpose of your room, it’s time to coordinate your existing furniture with the list you have made above to narrow down your options. You can skip this step if you are going to buy everything new. However, if you want to add some new touches to your current room, then this is very necessary because you do not want some color mismatch in the room where you spend most of your relaxing time with. It will be hell.

  • Personal style comes into play

Give a careful thought about what your personal style is. This is your house after all, and you want it to reflect who you are! If you love rustic style, use it as a guideline to make your purchase. If you like to feel like you are in the ocean, use it as a theme and apply it on all your future purchase.

  • Stay within budget

Nothing is free in this world and the same rule applies to furniture. You do not want to overspend yourself which can leave you in red when other important things come up. However, you would not want to spend to little either because the best stuff does not come with small price.

  • Measure

Whether you have a big or small bedroom, you need to measure the length and the width of the room to see whether it can fit all the furniture you are going to buy. It is not a good thing to have to return what you have bought just because it does not fit into your room or it takes way too much space that it looks ridiculous.

  • Here comes the Internet!

Before going to store to make your purchase, it is advisable to browse through the catalogs that stores have online to get a sense of what will fit your personal preference of your room. In addition, you can note down the price of each piece as well to make a spending plan.

  • See what you are going to buy

After looking at what is available online, now it is the time for you to come to the retailers and look at what you like in person (sometimes what is presented in the picture online is not necessarily what you will get). In addition, if you are still deciding on whether you should buy a certain piece or not, this step will help you. You should ask again about the price, delivery and installation as well. Just in case you will have to set up the furniture alone, you will not be surprised.



Choosing your own living room furniture is a combination between dreaming big and being practical with the resource you have at hand (which does not only mean staying in your budget). Please go through some of our tips below to learn how to choose your living room furniture.

  • Getting a general idea of what the room will be using for

Before going all those big furniture shops to make your purchase, you must first analyze what your living room will be using for; in other word; what is the purpose of your living room? Is it to meet and entertaining guest? Then you should use some types of delicate and modern furniture. Is it for family gathering? Then you should focus on things that give off the cozy feeling that every family member will adore and love, while making them stain resistant and sturdy.

  • Having style coordination

Every room has a major architectural feature and you can use it as the guideline for the options of style for your living room. You can opt for the modern look for your room if your room has the view toward the big, lively and busy street outside. On the other hand, if you go with rustic walls and rustic ceiling, it is advisable to use wooden furniture.

  • Comfort is a must

Make selection of your sofa or chair with comfort in your mind (you will have to use them for quite a while after all). Don’t be too tight with your budget and feel free to choose high quality material for your furniture if your budget allows. You will feel rich and luxurious every time you sit on your chair and relax after a long, hard-working day.

  • Seating selection

Your seating selection, in general, should fit your personal preference and your room’s purposes. The thing you should keep in mind when it comes to making purchase of the fabric of your sofa and chair is how often you will use them. If you are going to sit on them frequently, opt for a durable and stain resistant type. Another suggestion is using a protective coating, in case you use some type of vulnerable material for your sofa and chair (for example leather) to prevent your seating from being dirtied by kids or guest.

  • Having coordination between your pieces

After having purchased your sofa or chair, it’s time to choose a table that co-ordinate and compliment your choice of seating. Don’t be too tight with your budget, and have the same approach with your table, chests: High-quality materials if allowed; having high sustainability, enough to hold itself against your guests’ glasses during a party or meeting.

  • The last, but definitely not least, finishing touches

The hard work is finally done, and now it’s time to add some more personality and a little bit “oomph” to your living room with accessories. Although there are a wide variety of selection out there, it doesn’t mean can buy everything you like and decorate them all over the room. Too little is bad, but too many is even worse. Choosing some beautiful and meaningful accessories, not spread them around uncontrollably, and buys something to contain and protect them. It may be shelves to hold your newly purchased tea cup collection or some kinds of chest to cherish all the shells you have collected in your recent vacation to the beach. These features will complement your furniture, and make some focus point of your room.

With the tips provided above, I hope you will have your first step in decorating your living room.



Feeling your space has way too much stuff that you can barely walk around and breath? You have no room left but you still want to put more and more things in there? Then you have come to the right place because today, we will tell you about all the little tricks that you can apply to use your space efficiently.

  1. Is your space not sufficient or not effective?
  • People tend to mistake these two terms: insufficient and ineffective. However, these two words are two very different concepts. It’s like two different sides of a spectrum. Having a insufficient space means you do not have enough room for your things (which basically cannot be changed unless you rent or buy another apartment of house). On the other hand, when you think that your room is ineffective, that means you have enough room at hand, but you do not know, or unaware of how to use to its best potential. Decide which term your space fits in, and build up your plan from there.
  • A surprising fact is that most closets, wardrobes or cabinets have enough room to hold twice as much as they were originally constructed for. And there may be some corners somewhere that can be used as storage but you have not been aware of them somehow.
  • In addition, try to clear out all the things that you do not like or do not need in order to make room for other things.
  1. Having rearrangement
  • Each of us has our own preference, a different purpose in using a certain space. That is why it is advisable to turn your home or office space into a place that work for you and work with you. Your kitchen is unnecessarily large while your work room is way too small that you can barely breathe through the papers and files scattered everywhere? Then it’s time for rearrangement! Move parts of your work room to your kitchen. Utilize what you have at hand. And who do not love working while shoving their mouths with potato chips? Think out of the ordinary, as long as the arrangement suits your need.
  1. Having rod(s) installed
  • Wardrobe and closet nowadays are normally built and constructed with a rod used for hanging clothes. And if one is not enough for you, then just have someone install one more. You can use one of the rods as the place to hang your t-shirt, coat, etc… and the other for your pants and dress. Simple and easy to execute! Don’t limit yourself to just one clothing rod. If you have space on the wall of your wardrobe or closet, install as many rods as possible.

  1. Shelves installing
  • Another trick you can use is to install shelves. Shelves come in different sizes and materials which can be used for just storing anything you need. You may use a plastic shelf in your kitchen to store small equipments, a wooden shelf as a place to put books or anything that has quite a weight on… The options are unlimited. Therefore, if you have the budget, try installing some shelves to add more storage space
  1. Place frequently used item within your reach
  • This tip is just about how you usually use your items. For example, if you are a movie lover and you have a ton of DVDs, put them near your TV (or anything you usually use as your way to watch drama and movie). By doing this it is not only convenient for you, but also you can manage your space more easily and efficiently.
  1. Opt to storage units
  • Storage units can be easily found in supermarket or house ware stores all over the world and they are great life-savers in cases like this (you know, having no room to put your things in). From spices rack to store your spice or canned goods rack for easy management, you do not need to look far and wide to find what you need.
  • In addition, you can think outside of the box and be a little bit imaginative. For example, have you ever thought of using an ice cube tray as a place to store small items such as earrings, rings or necklace? Just a little bit of thinking and you will save yourself a lot of storage space.
  1. Utilize your wall
  • Many people tend to forget that walls can be used as a kind of storage space as well. Find an empty wall space? Then use it! You may hang your pan on the wall in the kitchen, or install a small shelf to put your picture frames, pots or albums on it for decoration while saving some space for other things. With the advance of house ware technology nowadays, installing a shelf is not that hard as you think so give that idea a try.
  1. Clear desk is a must
  • Surprisingly, how neat and tidied your desk is has a relationship with your productivity. Burying your head in piles of books and papers will make you feel unmotivated and hinder the ability to do the best as you could possibly do. Therefore, try to categorize your files and papers and put them into filing cabinets or filing boxes. Put all your discs in one or two boxes, pens and pencils in a cup… and you will be amazed how much your room have changed with just so little effort.
  1. Make the switch
  • Last but definitely not least is to know how to make the magical rotation. All of us have something we like that we want to show off to our co-workers or relatives, right? Then put some of those things on display and after two or three weeks, make the switch: items on display are put away, while items in storage can get their limelight. This will not only personalize your space, it will also help you use your storage space to its maximum potential. Now THAT is a great idea!



Tired of your monochrome, colorless and boring living room? Want to make it more playful, vibrant without having to lift a brush? Then we have the thing for your right here: Tips to make your living room more colorful without paint right here!

  • Artsy Decoration

Everyone loves painting (who don’t?). A big bold painting might be just the thing you need to spice up your living room. From a drawing of a sunflower to someone screaming his heart out, it’s really easy to choose a painting fit your liking. After finish choosing the drawing, remember to pair it up with some same-theme decoration as well. Easy breezy!

  • Personalize your space

You have a lot of family pictures or pictures of your goofy moments with your friends saved up somewhere in your house? Then it’s time to use them. Some pictures here, some picture there and abracadabra! Your room has become livelier and it show who you are as a person as well. In addition, your pics now have their own use instead of eating dust under your bed and in a corner somewhere. However, remember not to overuse this tip or it will make your room overwhelming and bizarre.

  • Plant

Another easy and cheap way to color your room is to use plant. Roses, sunflowers, bellflowers or peonies, etc… Not only flowers bring life to your room, it also make the room relaxing and comforting (thank to their aroma). Easy to choose from a wide variety of colors and species, you can simply change the theme of your room any time you like without being afraid of repetition. Personally, I would not recommend this idea though and the reason is that despite its variety, the aftermath is just a pain in the butt. I broke my back carrying huge pots of plant around every time my mother decides to change their placements or throwing some pots away. If you’re lazy like me, don’t do this.

  • Dress up your floor

The floor tends to be forgotten when it comes to remodel a room. Although it’s not visible compared to other parts of a room, it’s important in its own way. Throw some rugs or carpets in, play with their patterns and colors and you will realize how wrong you are when you don’t pay attention to your floor. However, don’t eat chips when sitting on your rugs or you will have some quality time trying to clean up your own mess.